Current Issue

Vol. 1 No. 1 (2022)


  1. Ratzinger E. E. NWOBODO, Ph.D: A Philosophical Inquiry Into The Phenomenon And Nature Of Magic In Igbo World-View
  2. Sunday Layi OLADIPUPO, PhD and Kolawole Ogunboyede An Interrogation of Plato’s Political Philosophy and its Implication for Nigerian Democratic Culture
  3. Bolarinwa, A. HARRISON: Decolonising Knowledge Production In Africa: Implications For Educational Development
  4. OLATADE, Damilola Peter: Lack of Synchrony between Nigeria’s Democracy and the Process of Democratisation
  5. Thomas Terkura Mchia: Heinz Kimmerle’s Intercultural Philosophical Dialogues: A Recipe for the Question of Leadership in Africa
  6. Ikechukwu Anthony KANU PhD: IhiAnu: An Investigation into Igbo Therianthropy
  7. IBIYEMI, Sheriff Olasunkanmi: Interrogating the Supposed Bias of International Justice Mechanisms over International Criminals in Africa
  8. Sotonye Big-Alabo PhD and Morrison Itelimo PhD: John Stuart Mill’s Harm Principle and Principle of Individual Liberty: Implications for Pornography
  9. UGWU Anayochukwu Kingsley, NGWOKE Hilary Chimezie & UKWUOMA Ikeagwuchi Ikechukwu: Okolo’s Defence of African Philosophy and Its Problems
  10. Alloy S. IHUAH PhD, Of Seeking the Whole From the Units:
    A Discourse Analysis of Aritotle’s Essence, Asouzu’s Ibuanyidanda and the
    Tiv Ayatutu Ontology
  11. Stephen Chijioke NWINYA, PhD : ‘Dating of African Philosophy’’: A Critique of Christopher M. Okoro
  12. Vincent Edache IDOKO and Barnabas Bawa TURMAN: The Implications Of The Relational Concept Of Personhood On Human Development In Africa


Published: 2022-07-25


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