• Ikechukwu Anthony KANU
Keywords: Globalization, Umezinwa, Africa, Modality of Being, Philosophy, Process, Kanu


The present paper is a response to the work on “Globalization in Africa: Acritical reflection on Kanu's concept of globalization as a Process” published in AMAMIHE: Journal of Applied Philosophy(20. 1. 206-224)byDr.Umezinwa. This paper is supposed to be a response to a chapter the present researcher contributed to and a book edited by Umezinwa titled “African philosophy: Apragmatic approach to African problems”. In this book, the present researcher wrote on “Globalization, Globalism and African Philosophy”. Contrary to the present researcher's view of globalization as a process and a modality of being, Umezinwa argued that globalization is man-formulated policy and not an ontological reality. He argued that it is factitious and propagated through the shenanigans of its originators, the West. He, therefore, called on Africans particularly to be wary of its chameleon-nature, comparable to a Trojan horse. In this paper, the researcher argued that Umezinwa has not been able to prove that globalization is not a process or a modality of being; he has only succeeded in the denial of his being as a globalizing being or reality. In his paper, he has only succeeded in proving that he is a being that globalizes with no consciousness of globalizing. The present research, therefore, still holds that Africans have a responsibility to globalize. The method of research employed in this piece is the critical, Igwebuike (an indigenous holistic approach) and systematic approaches.