Is There Universal Truth?

  • Peter A.Ikhane


The aim of this paper is to examine whether Universal truth (UT, hereafter) exists, and, by extension, if it exists, the nature of its existence, and its features. As such, the paper seeks to provide a response to the question, “Is there Universal Truth?” In this vein, the paper’s first task is the provision of an understanding of what is implied by the question. Following this, it is also required that the paper provides either an affirmation or a denial as response. In the light of this, the paper provides an affirmative response, after which it shows that the ontological status of UT is that it qualifies an entire expression as a second-order predicate, and exists in the cognition. Having done these, the paper concludes with a few remarks on the epistemic discourse of truth. For its method, the paper employs the critical and conceptual analysis typical of philosophy.