About the Journal

Ibe is a word from the Igala language, a language which is the largest ethnic group in Kogi State, North Central Nigeria. The word means “thought”; thus, naming the journal Ibe at once brings to the fore the particularity and universality embedded in the aspiration of the journal. The aspiration is universal to the extent that it keeps in view the enduring characteristics of philosophy as encompassed in being rational, speculative and dealing with the ultimate end/nature of things. It is particular to the extent that it does not lose sight of the historical contexts within which reason, speculation etc. are expressed. Ibe suggests the African context and particularly, the Igala context is that which drives the expression of the universality of reason as will be articulated in this journal.

This edition is a collection of interesting papers which cut across the various sub-disciplines of Philosophy. The papers, particularly, cut across the various sub-disciplines of Philosophy such as Hermeneutic Philosophy, Islamic Philosophy, African Philosophy, Ethics, Existentialist Philosophy, Social and Political Philosophy. With regard to Hermeneutic Philosophy, one of the papers critically examines Hans-Georg Gadamer's philosophy. Concepts such as being and morality are critically assessed from an Islamic viewpoint. The bulk of the papers in the collection are centered on issues in Ethics as well as Social and Political Philosophy. Some of the concerns that are considered include: 'rethinking good governance', 'in-vitro fertilization' 'human dignity', 'politics', 'digital communication', 'freedom and responsibility'. One interesting thing about these papers is that they also relate the issues discussed to African thought. Most importantly, the thoughts expressed in these papers expand the frontiers of knowledge.