Establishing the Dignity of Disabled People through Theatre for Development: Karol Wojtyla's Theory as Praxis

  • Godwin Onuche
  • Reuben Chimaobi Adama
Keywords: Praxis, Dignity, Disabled, Theatre,TfD


The World Disability Report has confirmed that approximately 25 million Nigerians are experiencing various forms of disabilities. Notably, within the African continent, out of an estimated 84 million People With Disabilities (PWDs), 29% of them can be found in Nigeria. Unfortunately, individuals with disabilities often face marginalization and neglect due to challenges they experience, both physical and mental. In Nigeria, there remains lack of widespread awareness about the importance of respecting the dignity of every human being, especially those living with disabilities. The study adopts qualitative research methodology using interviews as research instrument. Given this context, this paper aims at revealing the potential of Theatre for Development (TfD) as a means to raising awareness about the struggles faced by individuals living with various disabilities. It builds upon Karol Wojtyla's perspective, which emphasizes the necessity of recognizing individuals beyond their physical limitations to restore their inherent dignity. The paper concludes that TfD can serve as a powerful tool for educating the public on fostering mutual respect among individuals, transcending their physical and mental challenges.