Infertility as Predictor of Marital Disharmony among Married People in Igala-land

  • Kennedy Shuaibu
Keywords: Infertility, Marital disharmony, Predictor, Married people, Igalaland


This study investigated the relationship between infertility and marital disharmony among married persons in Igala land in Kogi state. A cursory look at many Igala childless home revealed that they are riddled with marital crises. Thus, this work is a descriptive survey. The population of the study is 1020 childless male and female Igala married persons. Purposive sampling and a sample of 108 was used for the study. The krijche and morgan sample specification was used for the sampling. Mean and standard deviation were used for answering the research question, the hypothesis of the study was subjected to the independent t-test at 0.05. Finding of the study revealed significant relationship between infertility and marital disharmony. The work recommended that couples should be patient with one another as children are God's gift. Couples should also embrace the use of IVF as an alternative means to child bearing.