• Charles Barivule Berebon, PhD
  • Dinebari David Vareba
Keywords: Philosophy, Pandemic, Coronavirus, government, virus


The “cogito ergo sum” “I think, therefore I am” of Descartes, being alive we suffer the pandemic threat of the coronavirus. Philosophy is not a conceptual tool for solving human problems but applies rational reflection towards solutions to the problems. We are never bereft of ideas, reality imposes on our ideas, the coronavirus has opened up a flood of ideas than any course of life. There are similarities between Philosophy and the coronavirus, i.e., the spread of ideas and the spread of the virus, both are invisible and are transmitted from person to person, it is mostly through oral means, they are both a threat since the virus is a threat to the body so also certain philosophical idea can be considered a threat to man. The virus endangers lives so also wrong philosophical ideas, this is why philosophy and the virus need to the taken into isolation so that we can improve and get the best of the situations. In setting aside, the analogy, the question now is what can philosophy do in the current pandemic? it should be noted that “philosophy is the thing with which or without which everything remains as it is” “philosophy is not a service, but reigns”. The pandemic and philosophy remind us we are faced with the reality of death and life. The government in the face of this pandemic simply seeks the advice of scientists and technologists, the position of this paper is that philosophy should be given a voice in addressing the pandemic owing to what it shares with the pandemic.