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This book, Auchi Diocese at 20: Growth and Future Directions, published to mark the twentieth anniversary of the Diocese, the twentieth Episcopal anniversary of the Bishop, and the dedication of the Cathedral, is the brainchild of His Lordship, Most Revd. (Dr.) Gabriel G. Dunia. It is a souvenir, which diagnoses and prognoses the growth of the Diocese in her works of evangelization. We are particularly thankful to God Almighty, who is the author of the Diocese and the Bishop whose anniversary we celebrate. We are also grateful to the Bishop: Most Revd. (Dr.) Gabriel G. Dunia for his scholarly inclination in sowing and allowing the idea of a book at the twentieth anniversary of the Diocese to fly. Without him, and of course the grace of God, this monumental piece of literature would have remained an idea in the mind. Worthy of note is the unflinching impart of the 20th anniversary committee headed by Rev. Fr. (Dr.) Peter Egielewa, who ensured the vision of the Diocese and the plans of the Bishop concerning the 20th anniversary became a reality.
We appreciate the astute contributions of those who painstakingly offered their time and intellectual contributions through writing, peer-reviewing, and proofreading parts of this book. We are especially beholden to Professor Michael Ogunu, both for a robust historical chronicle of the Diocese to date and also for assisting in peer- reviewing some of the chapters of this book. Similarly, we thank Fr. Professor Jimoh, who is a contributor, a peer-reviewer of some of the papers of this book and for writing the foreword. Also, we appreciate Fr. Francis Ikhianosime, who apart from his paper contribution, offered his invaluable editorial knowledge to this work, being one of the editors of the edited book at the tenth anniversary of the diocese. We are profoundly grateful for all you do.
Similarly, we acknowledge the immense contributions of the Priests, Religious and Lay Faithful, who played enormous roles in the publication of this book either by writing, reviewing, or sponsorship. While we acknowledge and thank you all for this great achievement, we assure you our highest regard as you would find every page of this book a good read. It would refresh your memories of the historical antecedents of the Diocese; it would avail direction as you live and work in the diocese, and it would enhance better evangelization for all and sundry.
Lastly and very importantly, we thank Ambassador Chris Ighodaro, who partly sponsored this book project and made it see the light of day. Millions of people living and yet to be born will read copies of the book and be informed of the journey of the Diocese. We are extremely grateful to you. May God replenish your pockets abundantly, through Christ our Lord. Amen.



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