Uniting in the Struggle against the Pandemic of Sin: Faith as the Strategy for a New Humanity in the Covid-19 Era

  • Rev Fr Enoch Usifo


The desire to do what is good and remain upright has been a constant struggle for man. This relative notion of who determines what is good or evil brings an unceasing divide between people, communities and countries and there seems to be no agreement. However, for the first time in history, humanity is experiencing a global unity; thanks to the common enemy, the COVID-19 we are all facing. We have realized that we cannot go on thinking of ourselves, but only together can we overcome this challenge. Similarly, the subject of what constitutes sin, which is another global spiritual pandemic, is not just a question of criminal law but of morality. The church incessantly makes every effort to affect her children with a sense of the dreadfulness of sin, and our world will get better if we minimize the pandemic of sin. With all the challenges our world is facing right now, we should recall that the world had gone through tough times before. Let us learn to unite in this battle because no one does big things by themselves because if we are going to save the world from sin and future pandemics, we need to stick together.