Covid-19 and Health Implications in the Formation of Future Priests in Nigeria

  • Very Rev Fr John Chike Nwanze
Keywords: Health, Hygiene, Covid-19, Virus, Economy, Com- munity/Society


Corona virus (Covid-19), which started from Wuhan, China, as a respiratory disease, belongs to the same family as Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) disease. The difference lies in the intensity, the way and manner it spreads and kills. Hence, it has reached a pandemic level threatening life, economic systems as well as political structures and necessitating the suspension of regular life activities. This seems to be the best way to contain, isolate, trace, treat and flatten the curve. Social life and activities have been largely affected on account of the twin evil: dwindling economy and the bid to contain the spread of the ‘monster virus.’ Humans strive better while living as a community/society. Economic growth and prosperity wax on alliances. As covid-19 continues to hinder such relationship, its constant presence shall deal a fatal blow to the economy. Consequently, the path to recovery may be charted by searching for a cure or a vaccine to the virus. It follows that one way to win the battle would be providing adequate care and creating a robust medical facility. This requires a good amount of finance. It would hardly happen on account of total lockdown. Hence, the need to always seek a middle ground between keeping the economy afloat and stemming the spread of the virus. Public health provides adequately for the community which translates in the individual care. If the individual enjoys a reasonable stable health, then such an individual would function well in the society/community. This paper is aimed at addressing in a critical manner health impact of covid-19 and proffer a pathway to live with it while engaging in the work of formation. Its major areas of target are: liturgical life; medicine and health; personal and environmental hygiene. All these areas call for a new response in the wake of this pandemic.