Re-imagining Anthropology for an integrative Priestly Formation in Covid-19 Era

  • Rev Fr Evarestus Igwe, CM
Keywords: Re-imagining Anthropology, Anthropocentrism, Eco-spiritual Anthropology or Integrative Anthropology, Priestly Formation, auto-Formation and Internalization of Values.


The biggest loss people should fear about Coronavirus December 2019 (covid-19) should be anthropological rather than economic “recession” as many world leaders fidget about. An- thropological recession, in the sense of, surrendering the gains in human understanding the crisis has occasioned. Responsibly, we see “global solidarity” as one of the major emerging effects of the covid-19 pandemic. It follows reflection on a new study of man as a creature of God with other creatures (Eco-spiritual Anthropology), as against the ideology of “man” that created God (Anthropocentrism). Also we see in an Integrative anthropology, an anthropology that opens for eco-system and climate change. Consequently, living in Covid-19 era initiates a new dialogue and approach in Catholic priestly formation and ministry. Emphasis, more than before, have to go to the “human formation” as it is most concerned with candidates’ growth and maturity as a healthy individuals. Individual initiative and creativity have to be harmoniously welcome into the Church’s formation and ministry.