• Ikechukwu Anthony KANU
Keywords: Igwebuike, Complementarity, Inter-subjectivity, Worldview, Universe, African


The relationships in the African universe point to the fact of the dynamics of a personal and universal world, and the reality that the human person is a composition of lived embodiment with the world while at the same time experiencing his or her own body. This interaction between the personal world of the human personal and the universal world is possible because, just as the heart of the human person is in the body, so is the body of the human person in the world. As a being in the world, the human person nourishes the world through creativity, while the world nourishes and sustains the human person. This interaction between the personal and universal worlds is a very important element in the understanding of the dynamics in the African worldview. It is in this regard that the African worldview can be described as an inter-subjective and complementary universe. It is a universe that remains in being by maintaining a balance in the relationships between complementary realities. This complementary and relational nature of the universe affects the way the African understands and interprets reality around him or her. This notwithstanding, with the recent studies in the area of Igwebuike philosophy and theology, the present researcher makes a co-relation between Igwebuike and the African worldview. This work discovered that Igwebuike is a conceptualization of the African worldview. It, therefore, understands Igwebuike as the African worldview, and the African worldview as Igwebuike. For the purpose of this research, the Igwebuike complementary approach would be employed.