The Role of Good Conscience in Abating Bad Governance in Nigeria

  • Anacletus Ogbunkwu PhD
  • Joseph Monday Orji PhD
Keywords: Conscience, Governance, Insurgency, National Development, Nigeria


The paper aims at mitigating bad governance in Nigeria through the instrumentality of good conscience. Using the analytic method of research and Chicago documentation style, this paper studies the logical claims of conscience as a strong factor enough to abate the adverse effect of bad governance in Nigeria. The findings of this paper show that there is a fundamental lack in the use of conscience and this condition is a portentous sign of bad governance. Hence a good use of conscience leads to good governance manifest in rule of law, transparency, accountability, good citizenship, national peace, security and development in Nigeria. On appraisal, the research reveals that a bold use of good conscience is a sure and an auspicious means of mitigating the effects and eradicating the dictates of bad governance in Nigeria. Hence, it is timely that Nigerians say no to this threateningly inauspicious monster of bad governance by developing good conscience and society-oriented conscience lest the present experience eats up the entity called Nigeria. In conclusion, this paper makes it obvious that good conscience is an indispensable factor and propitious to good governance, peace and national security. Therefore, this paper makes a clarion call on Nigerians to form good conscience and obey the binding force of such conscience in order to save our jinxed nation from damnation.