• Ademola Lukman Lawal
Keywords: Philosophy, Religion, Fundamentalism and Humanism


Since independence, Nigeria continues to struggle with cultural and religious identity crisis. Overtime, there have been a plethora of religious clashes among Nigerians who identify themselves first as Muslims or Christians before even classifying themselves as humans. In recent times, several religious and ethnic crises abound which often result in the denigration of national values, identity and ultimately, humanism. This paper identifies, as a result of recurrent religious crisis, the decay of our humanism and the corruption of patriotism, hard work and national values. This paper attempts to evaluate the peculiarity of religious fundamentalism as a bane to national development. It, however, does not attempt to go against the idea of religion, but it attempts to objectively discuss the debate between faith and reason as philosophers in the medieval era interrogated the activities of religious fundamentalists in their era. However, humanism is a philosophical activity that emphasises universal human dignity, respect for individual freedom, and happiness. This paper argues that since the immense influence of the medieval era on the activities of religious fundamentalists in the modern era cannot be over emphasised, there is an urgent call on religious fundamentalists on the need to move away from the rigidity of religious fundamentalism and embrace religious humanism.