Vol. 2 No. 1 (2021)

Hello readers, AGORA Journal is here with its second edition! We keep thanking the Almighty GOD for our continual surviving of the impact of coronavirus 2019 (covid-19) pandemic, as well as, compulsory adaptation to the life of the ‘New Normal’ it has engendered.

From the feedbacks to the first edition of AGORA Journal, many wondered how St Albert the Great Major Seminary (SAGS) achieved a high standard and scholarly journal, AGORA, within a short space of time of their establishment? Thank you!! We can’t appreciate enough of your thoughts and prayers for the Journal. However, the truth is that AGORA Journal endeavors to provide good quality research works. The articles contained in it have been peer-reviewed; which means that experts in the field have assessed the articles and judged whether they are fit for publication, or for further refinement or not good enough for publishing. Thus ensures that only the best quality articles are published in AGORA Journal. Consequently, we mind our authors’ credentials, and focus on contributing new and original research. We adopt a quite technical and official language with complex ideas and arguments, in an objective tone, and in an analytical perspective. More so, AGORA is now fully indexed with high online visibility.

As we have them in this second edition, there are fourteen (14) articles as a whole: Nine (9) philosophical articles, four (4) theological, and one (1) article in Business Education. They are well researched articles, a product of a long process of screening and expert review by Internationally reputed Assessors and Consultants. The logic of the articles is easy to grasp and very interesting to follow.

Among the highlights of the Journal include: the need for a new anthropology based on St Thomas Aquinas notion of creation and intelligibility; the urgent need for ongoing formation of formators; a call on restructuring of the nation based on the Catholic Social Doctrine of participation and subsidiarity; a re-awakening need for a more sympathetic approach towards the human right of the other, and many more. It is all about restructuring of human mind towards its destiny.

I use this medium to appreciate all our editorial board members, editorial consultants, our contributing scholars, the publishing press, and you our websites connectors and people of good will, for assisting us in making this edition a success. While promising more exciting publication subsequently, I invite you to share in this episteme herein, and please always feel free to supply us with feedbacks on the way forward. Thank you once more for participating in this intellectual banquet even as a distributor.

Evarestus Igwe-Alufo, CM,
Editor in Chief.

Published: 2021-11-03