Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. How do I submit paper(s) to ACJOL?

ACJOL do not accept papers or articles from individuals at the moment. ACJOL accepts papers through institutions such as universities, professional organisations and journal outfits. If you have paper(s) you would like to feature on ACJOL, you must route it to us through an institution or any journal we have partnership with or you may recommend to us to partner with such institution or journal outfit that publishes your work.


  1. Why are certain papers free to access while others are not?

Copyright holders determine if they want to make their content free for everyone to access or if they want to charge fees for them. ACJOL simply reflects the wishes of these copyright owners on its website.


  1. What measures do you undertake to ensure that your papers are of high quality?

All research materials on ACJOL are provided by credible academic institutions, associations/societies or credible journal outfits. These institutions or journal outfits have mechanisms such as peer-review processes and they do check for plagiarism, quality and originality. We rely on these mechanisms to ensure that the quality of whatever is indexed on ACJOL is of high quality.


  1. I would like permission to use or reprint part of a paper on ACJOL. What do I do?

The copyright procedures are open to everyone. For a journal, please contact the editor. Contact details for the journal editor can be found on the journal's profile page. If the paper belongs to an organization or institution, you will find the contact details on the profile page for that institution. However, there is no fee for accessing ACJOL. Everyone is allowed to read online and download content from the website.


  1. What is the geographic scope of materials or papers on ACJOL?

ACJOL is open to any academic paper or multidisciplinary research work from accredited institutions and credible journal outfits all over the globe.


  1. What does Open Access mean?

Open Access means unrestricted online access. Papers that are featured on the basis of Open Access on ACJOL are to be read online for free. ACJOL is very much accessible on the website.


  1. How can I advertise on the ACJOL’s website?

We have banner advertising opportunities on our website and ACJOL offers such opportunities for a paltry fee to organizations, business platforms or journal outfits that are interested in advertising with us. For details about our rates and terms/conditions, please contact us for our media package.


  1. If I have difficulty using ACJOL, how do I get help?
    The easiest way to get help from ACJOL is to use our FAQs or one of the lines in our contact.